Serving Texas Women

From birth to death, women influence. 

Women influence their environment, their loved ones,

and their personal health. Too often financial needs keep

women from that annual well-woman examination. 

The State of Texas has plans to help every

low-income woman with that annual visit to the

physician at no cost. Her health can be reviewed

by a medical professional, prescriptions given as

necessary and her health strengthened. 

The Heidi Group exists to assist women with the

situations of life, starting with their health.  

The Heidi Group network works to extend health

care to low income women in Texas.


How can we serve you?

Find a local women's health provider

Programs such as Healthy Texas Women and Family Planning can be accessed across Texas by dialing 2-1-1 or toll free 1-877-541-7905 for your local contact.

Think you might be pregnant?

There is someone near you who can help. 

Go here to find the location nearest you.