Carol Everett was recently interviewed on The Mark Harrington show:
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The Heidi Group is taking life-affirming healthcare & resources to unserved Texas Counties:
The Biden/Harris administration is working tirelessly to ensure that abortion is a standard practice in TAXPAYER FUNDED healthcare in every county of every state (254 in Texas alone), regardless of age (with or without parental consent). To combat this, The Heidi Group (THG) has begun research and identified the most densely populated at-risk areas in Texas currently without life-affirming resources or healthcare. Research continues, but findings thus far have indicated that Mason, Llano, Brady, Burnet, San Saba, Mills, and Lampasas counties are all grossly unserved.
The Heidi Group is working to network and establish life-affirming resources such as Maternity Homes and Pregnancy Resource Centers in these areas. Please fill out our "Contact Us" form to see how you can help! 
The latest Pro-Life news from around the country:
HR Bill 3755 is the latest threat against the sanctity of life:
HR Bill 3755 was presented to Congress by abortion advocates. Some key points in this bill include;
  • Eliminating Sanctuary Cities (More than TWO DOZEN cities nationwide committed to being abortion-free zones).
  • Allowing the abortion pill to be prescribed via telemedicine.
  • Repealing the laws that require abortion facilities to meet the same standards as surgery centers.
  • Doing away with the requirement of ultrasound and waiting periods before abortions can be performed.
  • Prohibiting abortionists from providing information about the developing baby and potential risks of abortion.
Texas House Bill 1280 passed!
In Texas, House Bill 1280 (also known as the "Trigger Ban") was passed during the legislative session, meaning that in the case that Roe V. Wade is overturned, abortion will be completely illegal STATEWIDE within 30 days. 
Biden HHS overturns policy that protected religious liberty in healthcare:
The Biden Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) overturned a Trump-era policy that protected the religious liberties of healthcare providers. Under the new Biden Policy, healthcare providers are now forced to recognize all gender identities and cater to them. The policy being overturned protected healthcare providers from having to perform and treat patients undergoing gender-transition operations and treatment. Luke Goodrich, an attorney with the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, said that the Biden HHS rule would "punish doctors and hospitals if they won't perform harmful gender-transition procedures against their conscience and medical judgment".
Supreme Court agrees to hear arguments in MAJOR Mississippi abortion case:
We may be seeing the end of Roe V. Wade in our lifetime! 
The Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments in a MAJOR abortion case out of Mississippi - Dobbs vs. Jackson Women's Health Organization - in the next session of the court. This case concerns a Mississippi abortion law passed in 2018 that abolishes abortion after 15 weeks, however, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the law. Under existing Supreme Court law, states may not ban abortions that take place prior to fetal "viability", generally acknowledged around 22 weeks OR LATER. In this case, Mississippi is asking the court to re-examine that "viability standard". The state claims that the "viability" rule prevents states from being able to adequately defend maternal health and new life.