The Heidi Group provides life-affirming healthcare and resources to UNSERVED Texas counties.

From birth to death, women influence. Women influence their environment, their loved ones, the personal health of themselves, as well as their babies (born or unborn). Too often financial needs keep women from that annual well-woman examination or proper prenatal care and delivery. The Heidi Group has plans to help every low-income woman with that annual visit and quality prenatal care at little to no cost. Both mother and baby's health can be reviewed by a medical professional, prescriptions given as necessary and her health strengthened along with the health of her family for generations to come.

The Heidi Group believes that life begins at the moment of conception - although our world's culture and leaders seem to think otherwise. It is our promise at The Heidi Group to be a safe space for those women who choose life for their unborn babies and to educate those on the fence about the true dangers of abortion both physically and eternally, and to share with them the everlasting guidance and love of Jesus Christ.